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Leadership is the ability to inspire either an individual or a team towards the achievement of a common goal. Leadership refers to the process by which an individual mobilizes people and resources to achieve a goal. Thus Leadership requires both a set of certain skills that can be learned as well as certain attributes that can be nurtured for the fulfillment of the individual goals as well as the goals of the team as a whole. Leaders usually inspire, challenge, and encourage others. They can easily persuade and influence others.

Leadership refers to the process by which an individual mobilizes the team members as well as the resources for the achievement of a goal. It necessitates a set of skills that can be learned as well as certain attributes that can be nurtured to achieve the goal. Great Leaders inspire, challenge, and encourage others.

In view of the above, there are certain traits that are indispensable for a leader, the most important traits that a leader should have to possess are:

A Proper And Clear Vision

The most important trait that a leader should have is to be clear about the goals to be achieved. Goals here refer to the individual goals of the leader as well as the goals of the organization as a whole. Without a proper goal and clarity in what needs to be achieved, a leader cannot draft the strategic plans of his goals. Therefore it is imperative for the leader to be damn clear on his goals

Motivational Quality

Great leaders motivate others to achieve milestones in their careers and develop an enthusiasm to work as well as make the team members become more committed to their work. Leaders who are well-motivated make quick decisions, and set goals with ease and set themselves as role models.

Empathetic Mindset

Empathetic leadership refers to the ability to understand the needs of others, and also having the ability to understand their feelings and thoughts. An empathetic leader is in a position to identify the reason behind shortfalls in the performance of a team member or an employee. A leader who possesses empathy for his members will be in a better position to help the member overcome the hurdles and to perform better. Such a leader commands the respect of his members or employees.

Creativity In His Approach

A creative leader is one who approaches in an innovative way or has a unique approach with regard to fixing the goals, increasing the product, or introducing a new product. It includes decision new processes, approaches or concepts or methods. The creative leader is the one who is confident in his abilities and his decisions. His positive approach will pave the way towards the fulfillment of the goals.

Team Building Expertise

It refers to the ability of the leader to build proper cohesiveness among the team members to facilitate the efficient coordination, cooperation, and implementation of the team goals. Team building is an art and the leader who is able to manage his team efficiently does a great job in the accomplishments of the team goals.

My aim is to facilitate the readers to gain insights into leadership traits, which are innumerable, among which I have listed a few. To gain more knowledge on this topic just click below...

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