The life that we lead is full of twists that seem to be interesting at some time and challenging at some other time. Sometimes the world's problems seem to be hopeless and impossible to deal with. At times we get stuck as if there is nothing we can do to change it. One fact is very true, that we cannot change the world, but of course, we have the option to change our part of the world.

In our life journey, we have to constantly think of ways to share the knowledge or any kind of expertise we have gained over the years. Without expecting anything from others, we need to share the knowledge assets that we have gained in our life. Keep motivating and inspiring others whenever there is a need. It doesn't cost us a penny but the impact will be great. If we can bring about a spark of confidence or inspiration in somebody else's life, then that's the moment we have made the biggest achievement in the world.

We need to have a great life purpose, The real progress in our lives happens when we make progress in helping others, towards a great life purpose.

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