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In this era of digitalization, finding the necessary resources for getting prepared for a job interview is a very easy task. If you swim in the various search engines, you will find an ocean full of information, with a varied set of strategies, and you will finally land in confusion, what to take and what not to adopt. hence in order to facilitate a concise set of points to be taken into consideration in the process of getting prepared for an interview, this article has been framed.

As a job aspirant, there’s nothing more electrifying than receiving a call letter for an interview. But the important element here is whether you are well prepared to ace the interview or not. For that to happen you need to bear in mind certain important tips.So Let me give you a birds eye view of certain very important interview tips and tricks to ensure you’re ready for the competition in the job market .

Some firms follow, a phone screening method of interview with an interaction with the human resources executive as the first step. And if you perform well,…… an in-person or online interview will be scheduled. The nature and sequence of evaluation of a candidates suitability by a firm varies from one organisation to another.. I have seen many candidates fail to crack the interview, just because of lack of confidence and proper guidance. So let me now tell you ….How to get prepared PRIOR to THE INTERVIEW:

1. Gather knowledge about the firm

Understand as much as you can about the firm where you are going to attend the interview Visit their webpage and make a note of how they narrate themselves. Also, try to find out what clients or customers are talking about them on various sites like Google and the other social media pages. These efforts will give you an some information about the status of the firm and the challenges that may be there in the firm

2. Keep your credentials arranged properly:

The file which you carry for the interview speaks a great volume about you and your character. The way you keep papers organised and the systematic way in which you handle them. In this regard, kindly note the following :

Do not carry a worn and torn file for the interview because your file is your image. Your file can make or break the interview and your prospects of being selected. Preferably carry a new file with folders and pockets which can accommodate your certificates. Carry only the relevant certificates. Keep the certificates in the file in the order of present achievements to the past. Carry a black or blue pen without fail.

3. Get prepared and practice well

Have a thorough analysis about what are the probable questions that may be raised during the interview process, and also find out the apt answers that you can give. . Questions like Tell me about yourself, what is your strength, weakness, etc which are very common, you should have to get the guidance of career experts, and frame an attractive answers for all these. Though these questions seems to be a simple one, but it can make a lot of difference. If you do so, your chances of getting selected will be more.

4. Dress Up Well To Look Sharp

Dress suitably to crack the first job interview. You should reflect professionalism in the way you dress up yourself. . You might have heard the saying “First impression is the best impression” and this definitely holds true in all circumstances. A lot can be understood of a person the way one wears and keeps his/her clothes, footwear and the way in which he appears for a formal meeting.

For boys I would recommend

Wear a full shirt which is not much gaudy.. You should always prefer a mild color shirt for your interview. Iron neatly and wear neatly

  • Trousers should be ironed properly. Avoid crumpled dresses at all costs.

  • Shoes must be polished well. Do not wear overused or torn shoes

  • Wear a tie if you have to.

· Women should not wear colourful attire and stick to plain colours.

  • Women must avoid gaudy or grand dresses, be presentable in moderate make-up, and wear plain dresses that look formal.

5. Find OUT The Exact Location.

Atlteast two days prior to the interview, try to find out the exact location of the place where you are expected to attend the interview. So that on the day of the interview, you need not roam here and there to find out the location. If your meeting is online, check whether all the computer equipment are in good condition so that you do not face any technical problem to continue the interview.

6. Be Punctual

Punctuality is a very good attribute that many people lack. And if you are successful in developing punctuality as your strength, you will always be preferred by your organisation . Make it a point to reach the place of interview, atleast 15 min prior to the time that is allotted for your interview..

And now I will guide you with regard to what you should do during the INTERVIEW:

7. Create A Good Image

Keep a pleasant smile on your face and appear with confidence throughout the interview process both with regard to your words and body language. If you’re attending a virtual interview, spot-on camera while you’re speaking rather than see yourself on your display screen

  • Knock on the door if it is closed and let it be a practise even if the door is open. You may ask “May I come in” before really appearing in person. Wish the interviewers according to the time of the day.

  • Wish the ladies first and then the gentlemen. If there are no ladies, wish the gentlemen and look at the members and pass an eye contact with each one of them. If there is only one person interviewing you, maintain steady eye contact with him, but never stare at the interviewers.

8. Remain Relaxed And Cool

Most people feel nervous…… it’s quite common to be nervous during an interview. By practicing well……is one way to control your nervousness. That is not the end of the world. So don’t have the fear of being neglected, even if they don’t select you, just keep in mind that they are not fortunate enough to have a sincere person like you in their organisation.. So just take a long breath and keep calm.

9. Stay Positive Through Out The Interview Process

There are positives and negatives to every single job and organization. Make it a point now to talk anything wrong about your previous employer or peers even if it had really hurted you. Rather, be focused on what you have learned in your past experiences.

Your time with the recruiter is very short.. That s why It’s foremost to answer their queries in brief Also ensure to relate your replies with your achievements, skills, and your goals.

I am sure you would have found this article interesting and beneficial. if you are interested to enhance your interview skills just click the link below and get benefitted.

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