Gratitude is a sense of thankfulness that can be used to maintain a healthy classroom culture as it increases a sense of belonging, goodness, and joy, as well as decreases any stress or anxiety, and helps the students feel more connected to their classroom. Gratitude gives a sense of satisfaction and enhances the quality of relationships among a team. It gives happiness and pride both to the receiver and the giver.

Teaching is a noble profession. Every teacher whether at school or at college should have to understand that our students are from different cultural and family backgrounds. And as teachers, we have the responsibility to foster their knowledge and skills by treating them as our children. When simple acts of gratitude or appreciation are extended within the classroom, that will increase the morale of the students. We as teachers are responsible to be role models for them in terms of discipline, humility, and loyalty.

When gratitude is expressed in the classroom consistently, students also tend to develop such qualities and will be more aligned to attend the classes regularly and become more knowledgeable. Apart from completing the syllabus, we teachers have the responsibility to propagate motivational thoughts in the minds of the students. In that way, the students will be able to experience their growth. They will

also start finding the good in others as well as themselves.

As students come from different family backgrounds, the appreciation and inspiration that they receive from the educational institution will have a positive impact on their mindset.

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