Success is a subjective term that depends on the individual aspirations, goals, and fulfilment. Hence the perception of the word success differs from one individual to another. The most important fact about success is that it will not happen just like that, but it is a result of an achieveable goal, tried through various measures towards it and finally attaining it.

To achieve success, you must have to be clear about what really makes you happy. It is a result of a long standing and consistent efforts to achieve success.

Success to one individual may be the attainment of a vibrant personality, for some other may be to get an employment in govt service or banks or a multinational firm, for some other may be to get their children educated well, or for some to build a multi-storeyed house. That is why the perception of success varies from one person to another.

If you look at the biography of any successful person, you will understand that their success is a result of a long planned goal that got materialised after several years of hardwork, sacrifice, challenges but above all a determined effort towards the goals.

Any goals involves a high sense of determination, irrespective of the challenges one may face. If you are clear at your goals, if you know the efforts to be taken to achieve it, along with that you should have the confidence that you have the capability to achieve it, then you can achieve success. You should never give up your goals at any circumstances. You have to strive to overcome all the hurdles that you may face in you journey to achieve success

Success is sweet and great. But to achieve it you should know the principles to follow, have the self motivation to keep going towards it, have a positive mindset, be an action taker and do not be a procrastinator. You have keep taking the necessary steps towards your goals, one at a time, then the next, then the next and so on.

The most important ingredient that is required is internal motivation. Unless a person is able to develop that self -motivation, success will be a difficult task. But success in life should be for a right purpose. Your goals should be aligned with spirituality, whatever may be your religion. Your goals should be aligned spiritually as well, so that all your decisions will be focused for a right cause that is harmless for anybody else.

What is needed to achieve success

1. Know your goals properly.

2. Should have the necessary knowledge.

3. Enough persistence to achieve it

4. Consistent efforts

5. Positive mindset.

In order to get motivated or inspired, you can go through the biographies of great personalities, learn their values and beliefs, learn how determined they were, etc and try to pick atleast and few and try to follow those principles. SUCCESS WILL BE YOURS.

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